Order of the Black Glove of Caerthe

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Order of the Black Glove of Caerthe - Companion (CBGC)

Given for combined talents in fencing, armored combat, and arts and sciences [Caerthe]

Insignia: Black leather glove bearing the Arms of Caerthe.

Precedence - none.




Hear now the words of <BARON> and <BARONESS> Baron and Baroness of Caerthe. Know that the strength of a Barony lies within its people. Worthy indeed are those gentles who demonstrate strength throughout diverse means, for through them the Barony shines like a beacon across the plains.


The Order of the Black Glove of Caerthe was instituted to recognize those who have demonstrated skill in the Arts of War, namely armored combat as well as the art of the rapier, as well as skills in archery, along with excellence in the Arts and Sciences.


Thus it is this day Our pleasure to add to this illustrious group of the Black Glove of Caerthe <NAME OF RECIPIENT>. This good gentle is hereby entitled to carry a black glove bearing the arms of Caerthe, to wit: Or a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable, until such time as a new bearer is appointed. This good gentle is likewise charged to carry out the responsibilities of this rank.


___________ Baron ___________ Baroness