Pilgrim of Caerthe of Caerthe

Pilgrim - Caerthe

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Order of the Pilgrim of Caerthe (CPC) -

Given for distinguishing themselves, and bringing honor to the Barony and the Kingdom, at foreign War.

Badge: (Fieldless) On an escallop sable an aspen leaf Or.

Precedence - none.



(1 & 2) Zephyrs blow gently over the lands, carrying to the very corners of the Known World words of, <BARON> and <BARONESS>, Baron and Baroness of fair Caerthe, who by the Grace of Their Royal Majesties, send greetings.


(3) There is one such person who has distinguished [himself/herself], and brought honor to the Barony and thus the Kingdom, at a foreign war.


(4) Having weighed well the actions of one, who has traveled far beyond the boundaries of our Kingdom, We are minded to make a Companion of the Pilgrim of Caerthe in recognition of his/her worthy nature. We further entreat [him/her] to continue to shine as an example of honor throughout the Known World.


(5) In testimony whereof We have set Our Hand(s) this <date> day of <month>, Anno Societas <Society Year>, being <Gregorian Year> in the common reckoning of years.



_____________ Baron _____________ Baroness